Business Opportunity

Dear Chamber Members:

There is a potential opportunity for them to procure a one year contract with the Government of Canada.

The request is for the supply and delivery of hay in square and round bales for horses at the Ya Ha Tinda Ranch, Parks Canada, located 80 kilometers west of Sundre, Alberta; in accordance with the Requirement under Annex A and Basis of Payment at Annex B.

Here’s the link here with all the details.

Highwood Golf & Country Club offers

The Highwood Golf and Country Club has some great offers available.

Go to their poster here.

Or check out The Foxes Den Restaurant here.

Group rates and special offers are available. Contact The Highwood Golf & Country Club for further information and to book your group event.

The Square Dancers are coming – help make them welcome.

The Visitors Information Center in High River is putting together some packages for a large Square Dance group that will be in town for a competition on Sept 3rd, 4th and 5th.

They have booked hotels and camping spots for RV in the park and some dry camping around town.

We are reaching out to the business community to include something for the packages.

This group was here in High River in 2012. They like to spend locally while here and eat out. It is the perfect opportunity for the businesses to stay open and position themselves with a coupon or discount to attract these guests.

They will be competing at the Memorial Center and doing some square dancing down on 4th on Saturday and Sunday. There will be approx 300 to 400 people attending this convention.

They will be picking up their packages at the recreation complex next week. Some of the businesses have already dropped off information at the VIC to go in the package.

If any business is interested in participating, you can drop off your contributions at the VIC at the Rec Plex.

Survey request from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Supporting our New Neighbours:

Late last year, the federal government announced that they would be welcoming 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada. These refugees have come in a mix of government and privately sponsored refugees. Government sponsored refugees have been destined for larger urban centres across Canada. Because these news stories have touched the hearts of many Canadians, the number of privately sponsored refugees is quite large; many of these refugees have ended up in smaller communities across Canada where private groups of all kinds have been their sponsors. Among other things, sponsors have found them housing, clothing and toys to help make their settlement less traumatic.

In short, regardless of where these refugees have gone, they have been welcomed.

The Canadian chamber network has been active across the country, assisting within their communities to help settle and engage our newcomers. Much of the initial effort has been to assist in settlement. Many of these settlement activities are completed and now, the focus starts to turn to how refugees can find work and integration into the economy. John McCallum, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship has challenged business to help the refugees settle through employment and jobs.

We want to capture the level of involvement that businesses have had in the initial integration and support of newly-arrived Syrian Refugees. We have heard many touching stories, and would love to hear many more. We would also like to gather some information about best practices and gain a big-picture perspective about where community efforts are being focused. Finally, we’d like to be able to share what we gather with others – so they might copy your good work!

So that we might gather some of this data, we would ask that you fill out this five to ten minute survey*, and show us how your company has helped in the effort.

Thank you!

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce

*If your company has had no involvement, please take a minute to click “no” throughout the survey to help give us the best overall perspective possible

Laura Nunno
The Canadian Chamber of Commerce | La Chambre de commerce du Canada
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