2016 Christmas Campaign – Shop, Blog & Win

2016 Christmas Campaign Shop, Blog & Win

Radio and Newspapers


  • To promote Shopping in High River during the Christmas Season. So that ALL from NEAR and FAR come to the events and the community to shop, to take selfies and to blog about their purchases and High River experience.


  • To focus marketing on the Foothills and Calgary region during the Christmas Season.
  • To make potential customers aware of your business and what a great Community we have with shopping and special events.
  • The Chamber Branding and promotion of our Businesses and community.
  • To participate in some fun marketing that engages shoppers to blog, take selfies with their purchases and use social media, while having some fun doing so.
  • To reach multiple audiences of different age groups and demographics.


  • To have an ongoing awareness of your company through radio commercials on Sun Country and The Eagle. To promote your company also in the Calgary Herald, the Sun and in the Western Wheel.

The opportunity to participate in a joint collective marketing campaign. We will use your investment dollars to buy radio and newspaper ad and also to obtaining matching grants.

This campaign will draw customers to your place of business to shop and blog about their purchases to their friends on social media. Upon each visit to a participating merchant, the shoppers will have an opportunity to enter to win a grand prize. The grand prize will be gift certificates that have been provided by the participating merchants.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Draw Box Sponsor participation

As a Draw Box Sponsor you must provide us with cash of $100 and a gift certificate of $50 in value. All participating merchants will make up a draw box and we will provide you with all other marketing materials, posters, ballots, etc…All participating merchants in this category, will receive a mention on the Chamber website and in all the newspapers ads indicating the locations of the draw boxes.

Cash Sponsor:

As a $500 Cash Sponsor you must also provide a $50 dollar or grater gift certificate. All participating merchants, will be mentioned on the Chamber website, in the newspapers and will also have a draw box at their location in addition to receiving radio mentions during the entire campaign.

*** AM 1140 Radio *** Sun Country 99.7 FM *** The Eagle 100.9 FM ***

All participating businesses will either be mentioned in the newspapers or on the radio depending on your level of sponsorship commitment. Radio commercials and newspaper advertising will be used to promote all the Christmas Events over the entire Christmas Season.

The entire campaign will be a $10,000 value, starting on December 1 and will run right through until the end of December. The draw for the grand prize will be made at the end of January – 2017.

If this is something that is of interest to you. I would be happy to meet with you to discuss this opportunity, please call me at 403-652-3336 to set up an appointment.

We must receive your commitment to participate no later than November 21,2016

Thank you

Lynette McCracken

Highwood Golf & Country Club for your Holiday Events

Highwood Golf & Country Club Christmas Menus

Highwood Golf & Country Club Christmas Menus

Rick Hillier, former Chief of Defense Staff Corp – Canadian Forces, shares leadership lessons from his years in the military during an Oct. 6 lunch hosted by the High River and Okotoks Chambers of Commerce.

Brent Calver/OWW
Canada’s former top general told an Okotoks business audience strong, positive leadership is key to surviving hard times, whether it’s on the battlefield or in the boardroom.
Retired gen. Rick Hillier, the former chief of the defense staff of the Canadian Forces, shared lessons from a long military career and leadership through hardship.
He spoke during an Oct. 6 lunch meeting at the St. James Church hosted by the Okotoks and High River Chambers of Commerce.
Sharing stories from his own career and military history in Canada and Newfoundland (his home province), Hillier said leaders always need to retain a sense of optimism, no matter what is happening around them.
“There are hard times and those hard times are cyclical, but there’s a thing about knowing you’re going to get through those hard times and I call that perpetual optimism,” he said.
Hillier recalled one of the most difficult days he had as chief of defense staff. On July 4, 2007 his phone rang at 3 a.m. and he was informed six members of the Canadian Forces were killed in battle in Afghanistan.
When Hillier was briefed on the situation later in the morning, he said everyone in the room looked sad and despondent. He said they committed to return the soldiers’ bodies to their families and look after their wounded and their families.
Before going out to make the news public, Hillier had one message for everyone around him. He said they could grieve, but they had to leave the room composed and ready to move forward.
“We’re going to do all our grieving in the next 30 seconds because if we walk out of this room looking like we do now, in two or three hours the 2,000 people serving in national headquarters are going to end up looking exactly the same way as do,” he said.
Carrying on as though nothing was wrong was the last thing he wanted to do, Hillier said, but it was essential because everyone else in the forces looked to him for leadership.
He said leaders thrust into difficult times need to be able to settle themselves, rally their team behind them and move forward.
It’s important to inspire people to be a part of your organization, said Hillier.
Canadian soldiers serving in Afghanistan would often carry as much as 110 pounds of equipment and gear with them, often in stiflingly hot conditions. Hillier said inspiration, strong leadership and preparation were essential to keep them moving forward.
“If you don’t inspire people and set them up for success, if they aren’t trained to do it, they don’t develop that strength and the fitness, they simply can’t do it,” he said.
According to Hillier, leaders should grow and mature, but should also never forget who they are.
“Remain your true self,” he said.
And, it’s important not to let ego get out of control. A little bit of ego is fine, said Hillier, because it makes a person want to be competitive, but too much leads to arrogance.
“Arrogance really discourages people,” he said. “It pisses people off. If you’re a leader who wants to inspire people, you don’t want to piss them off.”
Andrew Gustafson, Okotoks Chamber of Commerce president, said Hillier’s message is timely for businesses during the recent economic downturn.
He said businesses in Alberta are facing difficult times, but they can persevere. Gustafson took to heart Hillier’s advice to put things in perspective.
“Businesses in Alberta are feeling some tough times and it’s easy in those situations to become a little bit down and a little pessimistic,” said Gustafson. “The message we would take from him is to just maintain a degree of perspective and understand that if you look at the future there’s actually some bright points.”
Though Hillier’s background may be in the military, Gustafson said his experience as a leader is important for business owners.
“Leadership principles are leadership principles, whether you’re on the front lines in Afghanistan or in a small business,” he said. “The scale and complexities are different, but the basic leadership principles can remain the same and be applied in both situations.

Thank you for attending the By-Election Forum

The Chamber would like to thank everyone for attending the election Forum.

Special thanks to our Moderator Mr Kevin Wallace.
Chamber President Steven Muth and Directors Mary Chadney, Yousra Johma, Penni Tebbs and Leeann Coleman

Also to our Candidates: Terry Coleman, Jamie Kinghorn, Michael Nychyk and Sandra Wiebe


Pokemon GO & Marketing

Special Event
Marketing with Pokémon GO
Date: Friday October 14, 2016
Place: Highwood Golf & Country Club

Time: noon – 1:15 PM Cost $20

Please RSVP to Lynette at hrdccxtra@gmail.com or 403 652 3336

Pokemon Go could help businesses cash in –

Businesses located near a Pokestop have an opportunity to some great marketing
Shops, restaurants and businesses in the range of a Pokestop can purchase a lure to attract virtual Pokémon, and prospective customers, into their businesses. This is an easy, marketing tool at their fingertips.

Pokestops are places highlighted on the Pokemon Go map — usually landmarks, churches or monuments — where players can collect rewards.

If your business is lucky enough to be placed near one of these Pokestops, you can really take advantage of it. We have learned that there are over 20 stops located right here in High River and that High River is also listed by the Calgary Regional Planning as a Pokémon stop Friendly Town.

So what does this all mean?

Restaurants, and other businesses across North America are already offering Pokémon GO players deals on food and merchandise. Some of our local businesses have already reported seeing new customers but were not aware that this was due to Pokémon players.

So how does one attract these new customers?

Lures, or lure modules
Each lure, or lure module, can be purchased for a few dollars and lasts 30 minutes to attract virtual Pokemon to a Pokéstop — ultimately drawing real people playing the game to the Pokéstop.
Anyone in the range of the Pokéstop can plant a lure — including a nearby business.

So this is, in actually, low-risk marketing.

Through our connections with the Calgary Chamber, we’ve heard about some businesses in Calgary putting these lures out and seeing over a dozen new customers coming into their store. We are hoping that our local businesses will do the same and get the same results.

If your business isn’t near a Pokéstop there are other incentives that you could use.

Come to our next Chamber of Commerce Luncheon presentation on Friday October the 14 at the Highwood Golf & Country Club and listen to Scott Crockatt Executive Director of Marketing & Communication for the Calgary Chamber of Commerce tell you how to do this.

Scott states that: “There are certainly lots of businesses that are experimenting with this.” He said, “Calgary businesses are also cashing in on Pokémon GO by getting active on social media and letting gamers know they’re a Pokémon GO destination.”