Hire A Student This Summer

Summer Temporary Employment Program (STEP)

Alberta’s Summer Temporary Employment Program is currently taking applications.
The Alberta Summer Temporary Program provides eligible employers with a $7/hr wage subsidy for student hires.

STEP is a 4 – 16 week wage subsidy program that provides funding to eligible Alberta employers to hire high school or post-secondary students into summer jobs from May to August. Summer positions created through STEP provide students with the opportunity to build meaningful work experience, increase their skills and workplace insight and help prepare them for the future.

A standardized wage subsidy of $7.00/hour to a maximum of 37.5 hours/week will be provided to approved applicants.

As of January 4, 2018 STEP is now accepting applications for 2018. The application deadline is February 9, 2018.
Applications on line at

Free Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Hello Everyone

Please find attached registration links for the upcoming free seminars & free business coaching for entrepreneurs, home-based and developing small businesses for the Chamber website. They are open any business owner or aspiring entrepreneur in the Foothills Region at no cost.

Jan 29th Social Enterprise Series (1st of 3 Part Series) – Foothills Region, 6-8pm, Community Futures Highwood:

The registration link is for the 1st of a 3 part series. Attending all 3 sessions is highly recommended.

Also, the newly released February links to register for upcoming free sessions & free business coaching for entrepreneurs, home-based and developing small businesses are:

Feb 5 Introduction to Business Regulations, 12-1pm, Bow Valley College High River Campus: https://secure-web.cisco.com/1RBKs9-Kbeez-iivJkXSz3NvyOnbADan0w7qhcgK364kzJlkRzMDPsFeK3YCZOsCj9jNaOsReE1qpgXT27-YPigd8C2VaOlDBAhedmKWRZUJjb6qqtJBEplgDv-gWjCO_RkvAkt1KdN-r1vvRWuX2sfWJTt5_Nz-nnbd6Rn6nkJNNFQPisGl-RHWJwptD5ROjybk3JcqA6kYJ6G3tjjXUdx_2-XIhqFQSBtDtdVImsHYcmh5xpPYF73QGGYXrxi4VnBCpUwrOwkWApP5eSlnh0bO8RcssftnldCQbKVgZCp4McNd8S0FvLCItVYvheXXJhJD1ro5WEZDsKr0r0R2laTK24xKkE9jerqRHp5cWhQc/https%3A%2F%2Fwww.eventbrite.ca%2Fe%2Fintroduction-to-business-regulations-foothills-region-tickets-42044870339

Feb 5 Ask a Business Link Advisor, One to One Sessions from 1-4pm, Bow Valley College High River Campus: https://secure-web.cisco.com/1nVpkwZCuUQpmK6_RXeMUgMYVv0_D-SM8P1Hc7Q8J3flQhf34ARgWzp8mlVweOWXlDxu5Qw73mP_UAFrfb1w8UQAfLiuKxfskkRglJm7c-v3wkO0a2nokAl1Cxa5SrQhyC4KoWy1wGRAPLMpg6Rb38awUirJo1Az5AgwoqSNEi10ODlQXGq8RqvRufwboktWnScnVtzcQt6aCAg2q0IpvM1mgo3yQZ5evKSO5zxlFP6M6Q8nzuO-A9yXsCH6S89C6ffsrI6vp2j6koglOv_9FjOvB5FxNNU994PLb933goVgmHCvNT6mxcKzGoLKaZP7e4k2OEgHrz_a4PMDu1fj1TsPrpP53jURLbzygPNcQuNw/https%3A%2F%2Fwww.eventbrite.ca%2Fe%2Fask-a-business-link-advisor-foothills-region-registration-42046056888

Feb 12 The Social Business Model Canvas, 6-8pm, Community Futures Highwood: https://secure-web.cisco.com/1aqOi1gVwqrFkXEFdl2qYlTp1CI3TFwxRTkViKDl5wSqKenr1HNcvhggzTHXiNwIXN9BPopSpDrI4fqEzjzlIGMNXvUFRgrtz7YoX9iyWsk4GRLv1kcRIpytMlsG5FuNTBIhi1FPOiqwUX0kJqA9pAjKFe3f9DARJLzQPDe35CIXWS237sYZu-030G931l-iNWBcqKJLS-LM16xKcvOP_6-oGmU4A7q1n0hfWWuVhA6ZebRfbFNaZxA9V88owJvafjAGb_XmSxkf0DwsIKM-X8xOxXM-7IIDnQzNQcqDcITSgEDXo-C8zhusq9STEGLnkhLT-PgqmHJ8V8gGhzok2NYH2lY6BH_2rjcv2Ep4t5zw/https%3A%2F%2Fwww.eventbrite.ca%2Fe%2Fthe-social-business-model-canvas-foothills-region-tickets-42047353767

Samantha Schellenberg, BA, CCDP, RRP
Business Development Lead – Foothills

Regional Stewardship

+1-403-441-2379 Office
+1-403-617-2236 Mobile

Happy New Year

The New Year is the perfect time to unfold new horizons and realizing all dreams.
Rediscover the strength and courage that lies within you and continue to move forward.
Wishing our members all the best for 2018

Chamber Luncheon

Join us in 2018 for our first Luncheon

Date Thursday January 18, 2018

Place Highwood Golf & Country Club

Time Noon – 1:15 PM

Cost $20

Guest Speaker Jodi Dawson- Manager of Economic Development
Topic: Town of High River Update

Please RSVP to hrdccxtra@gmail.com

Community Summit – Save the date


Friday Jan 12, 2018 is an agency & business focus and opportunity to get trained on the volunteer app and then Saturday Jan 13, 2018 is more of a community focus with childcare options.

Schedule of the day is listed in the Eventbrite link to give you more idea of the day and timelines. Would LOVE to have you join us! We are #BetterTogether.

We are asking you to register on Eventbrite




See you in January!

Jody Seeley

Community Engagement Orchestrator

(CEO Our High River)

p. 403.603.3547 Mailing Address: Location:

c. 403.336.2568 Town of High River Charles Clark Medical Centre

f. 403.652.8623 309B Macleod Tr. SW Unit 101, 303 – 9th Ave. SW

e. jseeley@highriver.ca High River, AB T1V 1Z5 High River, AB

Complimentary Learning Sessions

starting on January 8th. The following sessions will be presented complimentary in Through the Bow Valley College

· Registration Jan 8th Exploring Entrepreneurship Session – Foothills Region: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/exploring-entrepreneurship-foothills-region-tickets-39551621966 Coffee will be provided. Space will be left open after the session to allow casual networking, idea sharing and collaborative conversations sparked by the topic. Sessions will be on Eventbrite one month in advance.

· Registration Jan 8th Business Coaching Sessions – Foothills Region: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/ask-a-business-link-advisor-foothills-region-registration-39552449441 Sessions will be on Eventbrite one month in advance.

· Registration to Jan 29th Social Enterprise Series (3 Part Series) – Foothills Region: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/social-enterprise-and-your-business-foothills-region-tickets-41394878195 Sessions will be on Eventbrite one month in advance. Attending all 3 sessions is high recommended.

Thank you all very much for your support for this coordinated, regional initiative. I look forward to continuing to work with you in 2018.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!


Samantha Schellenberg, BA, CCDP, RRP
Business Development Lead – Foothills

Regional Stewardship

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