High River event, April 23-27.
The Town of High River Economic Development Department has partnered with Rural on Purpose (a social enterprise focused on program development that promotes and supports entrepreneurship in rural regions) to conduct a first in Canada pilot project to see if High River is ready and able to support a growing number of freelancers and remote workers.
This pilot, when complete, will provide the community with local data and recommendations to help local business owners, like you 1) leverage an opportunity to potentially add a secondary revenue stream, and 2) help build a support system around this new workforce development. Please read below and click on all links to learn more.
We encourage you to fill out the survey if you are a home-based/remote worker, entrepreneur or freelancer, and to attend our networking night April 20th at 1906. (Be sure to register, as there is limited space.) Come on out and showcase your business, learn from some great speakers and network with your community and out of town guests.
May 2018 bring you prosperous growth, new connections and community spirit to foster your business ecosystem.
Daring to be different and innovative.
Your Economic Development Team, Jodi, Angela, Janelle and Melissa