A big Thank You to all of the candidates for participating in the Chambers forums and to our moderators for doing such an awesome job!!!

High River Voters Impressed With Council Candidates

Candidates for High River Town Council weighed in on several subjects brought up by voters at Wednesday nights forum at the Highwood Memorial Centre.

A couple hundred people made their way to the Memorial Centre in High River Tuesday, October 3, to take in the debate for those running for Town Council.

One voter, Mervyn Taillifer says he learned more about the first time Council candidates, but otherwise the forum went by the numbers.

“Nothing surprised me. Everybody seemed to answer questions and get along well. There was no bickering back and forth amongst any of them or anything like that.”

Mervyn Taillefer says the debate helped cement his choices of candidates heading into the election.

Bill Holmes who says it helped cement in his mind who he’ll be voting for.

“It added some other thoughts into the program. But I already know who I’m voting for. And I just hope that everybody gets out there to vote on the 16th.”

Bill Holmes says he got a much clearer picture of candidates after Wednesday’s debate.

Charlene Hanson was an active participant in the forum jumping up a couple of times to ask questions.

She says being able to speak with the candidates is a valuable experience when it comes time to cast your ballot.

“I really think when you see people and you watch how they answer questions you have a better idea, especially when you come with questions prepared, I didn’t do that. But I do want to know what they want to do when they get there.”

Charlene Hanson was an active member of the debate Wednesday as she had several questions for both incumbent and new candidates.

Questions centred on taxation, recycling, roads and downtown parking.

Election day is Monday, October 16.