High River Chamber of Commerce President Steve Muth wasn’t too impressed with Monday’s Throne Speech.

Not much of anything for small businesses in The NDP’s Speech from the Throne Monday, March 18.

High River Chamber of Commerce President Steven Muth says he was underwhelmed to say the least.

“Yeah, there was a whole bunch of “meh” come out of the Throne Speech. It’s looking back on how the government did leading up to an election. Definitely a Throne Speech in advance of an election. But yes nothing of any earth shattering news in that Throne Speech at all.”

Muth says a couple of positives are expanded high speed Internet to rural areas and an expansion of the “Agrivalue Processing Business Incubator” program.

He says right now it’s only in Leduc though, which doesn’t do much for Ag businesses here in High River.

“That one from what I understand has had some success come out of it. So, if they can model that and get one in Southern Alberta, then I think that is a positive. But there again, not positive how quickly that’ll happen.”

Muth says otherwise the Throne Speech didn’t have much to offer.