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Chambers Group Insurance Plan

The Chamber Group Insurance Plan covers businesses with up to¬†50 employees, is open to all industries, and offers a full range of benefits, including coverage normally reserved for “big business”. With outstanding service and assistance, Chamber Group Insurance will tailor a benefit program to suit your needs. Gain employee satisfaction and increase retention by becoming part of the Number 1 Plan in Canada!

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Business Continuity Guide

The High River Chamber of Commerce recognizes that the business sector is an essential member of any community, and that getting businesses back up and running is one of the key objectives in recovering from any disaster.

Events in High River and other Alberta communities over the past few years have exposed gaps in the emergency plans of those communities and their businesses. Locally, the Town of High River and local business groups (such as the Chamber) have taken steps to full those gaps and build a comprehensive emergency plan for the entire community, including the business sector.

Many businesses require additional preparation to deal with a major event or disruption. A disruption can be large, such as the flood event, or it can be as simple as the failure of an IT system which holds important business data.

The High River business continuity guide was developed to be a small part of the above mentioned plan and to help small and medium businesses plan for, recover from and continue operations during a disruption

This guide is a coordinated and cooperative effort between the High River Chamber of Commerce and the Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA). This guide and the working partnership between the Chamber and CEMA is one of the resources available to Chamber members and is an example of how your Chamber can help all local businesses plan and prepare for any challenges the future may hold.

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