High River Chamber of Commerce President Steven Muth isn’t surprised by the CFIB’s latest survey of small business owners showing a decrease in their confidence to operate.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business says the confidence of Alberta business owners dipped in July after eight months of stability or growth.

High River Chamber of Commerce President Steven Muth says he’s seeing it.

“You know in my practice here and from talking to other business owners in town, there are some people that are definitely feeling some pressures that they maybe weren’t a couple of months ago, or they aren’t seeing some of those pressures relieved. So, yeah, their confidence is starting to get beat down a little bit.”

According to the CFIB’s July Survey, small businesses confidence in Alberta dropped 4.3 per cent to 57.3 per cent from June.

Businesses are telling the CFIB that increased taxes and regulatory costs, combined with higher fuel and labour costs is what’s driving the uncertainty.